Traveling helps relax your body and mind. It gives us the opportunity to explore the world, meet new people, see amazing places and relieve stress. While everyone wants to pack up and go right away, one thing that holds us back is money. You can’t afford to spend thousands on each trip. Therefore, it is important to learn the art of budget management while fully enjoying your trip.

Target search:

Before going to a place, it is important to research it. Be sure to collect information about famous tourist attractions, famous foods and prices of the place you want to visit.

Reserve in advance:

Finding a hotel after arriving at your destination can be difficult. So while you’re planning your trip, check out all the hotels online at this location and check out their ratings and prices. After reviewing everything, book the hotel online according to your budget, location and comfort.

Stock up on supplies for the trip:

Before leaving home, remember to bring food and snacks for yourself. This will help you save money on the go as you can enjoy the homemade goodness. Try to bring plenty of water and healthy snacks so you don’t get dizzy from eating unhealthy snacks.

Find travel packages:

If you want to save on your trip while exploring each place, you can take the help of tour and travel websites to make your trip cheaper and easier. Nowadays, many travel agencies offer packages and tour guides at reasonable prices. This way you can book the best deal at the lowest prices.

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In the past, the traditional ratio of caregivers to seniors in need for care was seven to one, says Nora Super, executive director of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, part of the Milken Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Family size has shrunk, and parents are often scattered across the country. She says they lack the built-in network of family members that was available when people lived in the same city for generations. So the ratio is actually falling with a forecast of four to one by 2030.

The unpaid role can put tremendous pressure on someone who is already facing multiple commitments. Family carers often can’t juggle all the responsibilities. Of course, many have children alone, have to care for aging parents or have full-time jobs.

There are inequalities in the balance of care. According to Super, this has a disproportionate impact on low-income demographics who earn hourly wages or (work) in a gig economy. The health issues that can cause people to need care also have an uneven impact. Many of these diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease, disproportionately affect people of color, particularly black Americans and Latinos.

Eventually, family care can become unsustainable. Super says what usually happens when someone burns out completely or can’t make it work, then they actually have to put their family member in a nursing home. So by providing services you can save money in the long run because those people can take a break, go on vacation or something and come back.

This can ultimately reduce nursing home expenses that Medicaid might otherwise have to meet.

Most people really want to take care of their loved ones, says Super. But it’s also exhausting.

Benefits of preventive care:

Relief also offers benefits for the person being cared for. It’s one caregiver who’s refreshed, says Markwood. One who can care and who is able to be there and be present. When a caregiver gets a chance to breathe a little, it’s renewed on both sides, she says.

With a break, caregivers can go to their own doctor’s appointments, buy groceries or watch a child’s soccer game. Or he’s going away for the weekend so they can just hang out with other family members or go to college. Rest is simply making sure your loved one is safe so they can go and do things that are important in their life without worrying about the care their loved one is receiving all the time.

Bradley Bursack agrees everyone can benefit from a breather. The misconception is that when we take time off, our loved ones lose. But what matters is what they gain by taking better care of ourselves.

At first, continuing the routine uninterrupted might seem less complicated. If it’s a small amount and you can arrange it with a sibling, if you can even do it and not everyone can, it can mean a lot.

Acute care costs:

Respite care can be expensive. Although prices vary by type of care and location, these are average costs:

Day care for adults:

The average daily rate for up to eight hours in adult child care centers in the United States is $78, according to Genworth Financial’s 2021 Cost of Care Study. The availability of these services has been “decimated” by the pandemic. So check with local suppliers before making plans.

Help for life:

According to the Genworth survey, the average rate for a day in an assisted living facility is $148. However, respite care may sometimes not be available and a minimum length of stay may be required.

Acute home care:

The average cost for a home nurse is $27 per hour or $169 per week.

Respite Care Challenges:

People may resist being cared for by anyone other than their comforting family caregiver, at least initially. This reluctance can be reinforced when recovery involves a brief stay in an assisted living facility.

Bradley Bursack says: “I’m a little suspicious because I’ve seen so many people leave their homes for a care facility and if they don’t really understand it’s just for a few days, that’s a huge adjustment.”

Fear of adjusting your loved one can keep you from relaxing and defeat the purpose of rest. However, it can work.

Your loved one’s cognitive state affects their ability to understand the situation. Ideally, you can explain to them how this temporary stay allows them to get insulin injections if needed or to be safe from falls during the brief separation, says Bradley Bursack.

Hiring a home care provider might be an easier option. As with most aspects of nursing, she adds, there are no ready-made answers or solutions.

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With the intention of expanding its presence in the travel sector, the online bus ticket booking platform RedBus, owned by MakeMyTrip, has announced the launch of the RedRail application, a platform dedicated to booking train tickets. As the company strives to leverage its bus reservation user base to significantly grow the rail ticket business, the two services also have a complementary relationship: RedBus CEO Prakash Sangam told Business Standard.

Sangam finds that a large number of redRail customers would seek out bus services after reaching their destination, as they offer last-mile connectivity with higher penetration than trains. Sangam said that they have a lot of RTC (State Highway Transport Corporation) inventory available on their platform, they can give people that information and also enable end-to-end ticket booking.

Their aspiration is to be the largest partner of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). For the next two years, they want to be the number one ticket booking partner. Although the company has ambitious plans, it seems to have entered a space filled with many players like RailYatri, Paytm and IRCTC itself. Sangam builds on the app’s focus on user experience and the pandemic-induced impact on the industry for redRail’s success.

Over the last two years, there has been consolidation in this space. Some companies have merged with each other, some players have diverted their attention from this category for the benefit of others. In addition, a great rationality of prices emerged. Now the only winner will be the products that rely solely on the customer experience. From that perspective, it’s a good time for them to make an entry.

According to the company, most players are very transaction-oriented or rely on advertising for monetization, as the market has significantly lower margins than other modes. The latter removes the user experience, which redRail intends to focus on. There are also a lot of information services that they design, like live train position, coach position etc. Although some of those solutions are already available in the market, the reliability and accuracy of those are questionable.

The pandemic has resulted in a rapid transition to the digitization of a number of functions that were previously performed physically. Sangam shares that while the number of online activities has naturally increased, the horizon for online activities has also expanded during COVID-19. In 2021, customers booked tickets online in 5,500 unique cities and their contribution from Tier II and III cities grew from 50% before the pandemic to more than 60% during and after the pandemic.

Entering the space of booking train tickets also raises concerns at a time when the national carrier is just beginning to recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic. Recent data from the Ministry of Railways shows that passenger bookings in January 2022 were only 48% of pre-pandemic levels in January 2020. The redBus chief believes that the number of train tickets available for online bookings has significantly increased, though the numbers have not yet reached pre-pandemic levels. IRCTC data shows that online ticket booking has increased to 85%. In addition, 80% of the tickets belong to the non-AC segment.

Based on these indicators, the company wants to use the space outside the metropolis and consolidate itself as the most important online platform for bus and train. Sangam believes that the company has developed an application that takes into account the various restrictions that its large and diverse audience may face when booking. The platform form can handle reservation requests in low-bandwidth areas and consumes minimal storage space.

RedBus, which aims to increase its overseas sales to 35%, is in the process of completing the process of obtaining an operating license in another country, details of which will be announced shortly.

Previously, they were unwilling to expand at a time when things looked uncertain. They are already showing healthy growth above pre-pandemic levels in overseas markets. They plan to seize this moment by entering new markets. The company reported a 56% increase in net income to $14.1 million for the October-December quarter on a gross book value of $163 million.

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A day after online grocery delivery platform Zomato announced “Zomato Instant”, a 10-minute delivery service, founder Deepinder Goyal said delivery will be made to certain nearby locations for popular and standardized menu items like maggi, tortilla bread, poha and coffee, chai, biryani and momos.

Goyal took to Twitter and declared the delivery within 10 minutes after receiving backlash from social media users who questioned the safety of the delivery partners. “There are no late delivery penalties. There are no on-time delivery incentives for 10-minute and 30-minute deliveries,” he said. The grocery delivery platform will also build new grocery stations to enable 10-minute service for specific customer locations, Goyal said 10-minute delivery is just as safe for its delivery partners as 30-minute delivery.

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The e-commerce industry in India has emerged as one of the most exciting innovators in the wider startup ecosystem, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social trading, live trading and various other trends have started to revolutionize the entire e-commerce landscape.
While other trends are emerging earlier in the booming e-commerce segment, the Metaverse is still a long way off. At least that’s what the founder Sanjeev Barnwal and CTO of Meesho thinks.

Explaining why and how the metaverse provides many opportunities to disrupt e-commerce, Barnwal said that the current shopping experience offered by e-commerce platforms has nothing to do with the offline shopping experience where customers touch and feel the products and can interact with people.

The Metaverse addresses some parts of these issues, and it is hoped that users will be able to see themselves (in avatars) in a mirror with a cloth or take recommendations from other people. In fact, buying also has a lot to do with social validation.

Even though the metaverse hype has yet to reach e-commerce, a number of other trends seem to have gained momentum in recent years. One such trend, according to Barnwal, is the shift in e-commerce buying behavior from intent-based buying to discovery-based buying.

Previously, users visited an e-commerce platform with predetermined products in mind. Now the user opens an app, watches the latest trends and decides on their buying behavior.

While change is exciting, it comes with its own set of challenges – for example, e-commerce platforms now need to constantly optimize to discover new trends.

Much of the e-commerce unicorn’s target audience hails from the less tech-savvy cities of Tyr 2 and 3. With nearly seven years of experience building Meesho, which currently has over 120 million monthly active users (MAUs), Barnwal says he and his team focus more on customization, simple UX designs, consistent and static user interface design.

Moreover, making their platform available in different languages has been a very important reference point in the startup’s journey so far. Meesho’s e-commerce platform currently supports eight languages.

Over time, Barnwal also realized that it wasn’t just about upgrading systems. When creating new functions, scaling should be considered. But the downside here is that if everything is built to scale, it’s over-engineered because only one of the five things built would work. Barnwal said Meesho has grown five times in the past year.

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Deliveroo, a global food delivery company operating in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, has announced the opening of its Indian Engineering Center in Hyderabad. Deliveroo’s multi-year plan is to expand its world-class technical capabilities with a new team that will focus on delivering world-class experiences to Deliveroo customers, partner restaurants and supermarkets and delivery drivers. It would also develop highly scalable, reliable and innovative next-generation products for its operations worldwide.

The Hyderabad Engineering Center will be an important part of Deliveroo’s central technology organization. The company has already started recruiting and plans to hire over 150 analytics, platform, automation and machine learning engineers in India by the end of 2022.

Will Shu, CEO and Founder of Deliveroo, said deliveryoo is growing rapidly with an ambitious vision to become the ultimate global online grocery platform. The opening of a new development center in India will expand its global team of incredible engineering talent. The center will help them continue to unlock new innovations for every side of their market and develop world-class service for consumers, restaurants, grocers and passengers. This is an exciting development for Deliveroo and it looks forward to working with its new counterparts in India.

Deliveroo operates a three-way marketplace of consumers, restaurants and grocers and delivery drivers to get groceries to people in just 20 minutes. Deliveroo’s service is based on future-oriented logistics technology based on intelligent machine learning. The launch of India Engineering Center provides engineers with unprecedented opportunities to solve cutting-edge business problems as Deliveroo evolves and expands its offering.

India is home to many highly talented engineers and technology experts. The center’s engineering teams will work to accelerate software engineering and development in the areas of mobile applications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and data analytics.

Deliveroo has hired Sashi Somavarapu as Vice President of Engineering who will lead the India Engineering Hub. He has led teams at the world’s most technologically advanced companies, including Amazon, Jio Platforms and Ford Motor. Prior to joining Deliveroo, Devesh Mishra was Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Amazon, leading a team of thousands of engineers, data scientists and product managers managing a supply chain across 185 markets. In this role, Mishra built the most technologically advanced supply chain in the world, using data analytics, predictive technology and machine learning to evolve the market and retail operations.

Devesh Mishra, chief product and technology officer at Deliveroo, said some of the best tech talent in the world is based in India, which is why they are so excited to start recruiting in Hyderabad. You know there are engineers in India who are able to solve some of the toughest technological problems, innovate in a rapidly changing environment and combine experience and expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit. The work they do in India will have a global impact and help Deliveroo evolve while being at the forefront of change in their industry. This is a great opportunity for software engineers, data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers to work on some of the toughest engineering challenges.

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Meesho Marketplace offers small businesses including SMEs, MSMEs and sole proprietors access to millions of customers, choice from over 700 categories, payment services and payment options, customer support to effectively manage their businesses in the Meesho ecosystem.

Cashfree Payments is a popular payment banking and API solutions company. It offers comprehensive payment solutions for businesses in India to collect and make payments through all available methods with easy integration. Cashfree Payments offerings include an advanced and easy way to integrate payment gateways, a split payment solution for marketplaces, a bank account verification API, and Auto Collect, a virtual account solution for reconciling incoming payments with customers.

Meesho, India’s fastest growing e-commerce company, today announced its partnership with Cashfree Payments, India’s leading payment and banking API solutions, to enable instant refunds to be abandoned on all cash on delivery orders ( COD) made through the Meesho platform. This cashless payment integration aims to enhance the shopping experience for all Meesho users and minimize the need for manual intervention on certain orders.

Traditionally, COD is the preferred payment method in India, especially for users in Tier II markets. Reducing the overall processing time to process refund payments will improve the customer experience and also increase their confidence in online transactions. Through this partnership, Meesho aims to successfully process any refund in less than 2 hours and eliminate drops in the payment funnel caused by technical or banking failures. This entire redemption process is automated by Cashfree Payments’ “Payouts” bulk payout offer. Additionally, the integration with Cashfree Payments will automate payments to vendors and will also enable payment via UPI.

Commenting on the partnership, Kirti Varun Avasarala, Meesho’s Chief Product Officer, said, Cash On Delivery (COD) remains a preferred payment method in India. They have found that unexpected delays or issues processing refunds can cause inconvenience and loss of confidence. Meesho’s goal is to become the shopping destination of choice for India’s next billion consumers and our partnership with Cashfree Payments will address a very important aspect of the user journey and help us get closer to that goal.

Reeju Datta, Co-Founder of Cashfree Payments, said that they are excited to work with Meesho to address the issue of slow refunds, particularly for cash on delivery orders. Payouts will help Meesho delight their customers with faster refunds by posting the refund amount to the customer’s bank account in less than 2 hours by automating the process. Late refund requests are a major source of customer tickets for eCommerce businesses and they look forward to helping Meesho reduce these requests to zero.

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Online dating has been around since the advent of the internet. It’s a database match profile for introducing singles to potential life partners. There are a number of online dating sites that maintain databases that track many people who have signed up for the service. This site works on a subscription model, you can browse profiles and connect with anyone you want to connect with. This is how online dating works.

1. You can meet thousands of potential life partners through these websites and get lots of opportunities. If you don’t have a large social circle, online dating is the best option and it will help you a lot.

2. Through online dating, you can meet many like-minded people. Online dating can introduce you to people who share the same belief system.

3. People on dating sites are honest about what they are looking for and what they think is important to them. This will help you remove uncertainty from your mind.

4. Undoubtedly, online dating sites are a good option for people with a shy character. You can share what you want to say without the pressure of having to cover it in a short meeting.


1. You can be so focused on the details of Likes that you might miss what you should want.

2. Profiles don’t tell you everything and that’s the biggest downside of online dating. There are behavioral cues you can spot when interacting face-to-face, not when meeting online.

3. There is also the possibility of scams, misinformation and misleading online dating sites.

4. We do not understand other factors such as self-confidence and personality in online dating.

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The quality of online teaching and blended learning at universities needs to be re-examined amid fears that poor online learning experiences during the pandemic have undermined the potential of combining face-to-face and online studies. The Office for Students (OfS) has launched a review to examine how universities are offering blended learning, which aims to provide students and applicants with feedback on whether elements of their courses are of sufficient quality to be offered online.

While most students have returned to face-to-face classes, many universities continue to teach some of their courses online. With the end of the coronavirus restrictions, students are back on campus and able to enjoy in-person classes, Student Office Executive Director Nicola Dandridge said. He also said that there are clear advantages to face-to-face learning and that where students have been promised face-to-face tuition, it should be offered.

Ms Dandridge said a return to relative normalcy is important and that it remains very important for universities and colleges to be clear to their students and applicants about how the courses will be offered. She said universities must be “explicit” about which elements of the courses remain online and that whether modules are offered online or in person, the quality should be good and student feedback taken into account.

Ms Dandridge said there are many ways to successfully deliver blended courses and it will be important to build on the lessons learned from the shift to online learning during the pandemic. However, we want to make sure the quality is maintained and through this review we want to better understand if universities and colleges are offering to keep certain articles online and why.

A summer 2022 report will provide examples of high-quality blended learning, approaches that do not meet OfS regulatory requirements and provide students and candidates with more information about the courses than they chose. A spokesman for the Department of Education said the government has lifted all restrictions on face-to-face teaching, meaning providers can offer the full face-to-face teaching experience they offered before the pandemic.

The Department of Education has made it clear that we want universities to be open and transparent with students by publishing the proportion of face-to-face teaching that students can expect. Virtual learning is a fantastic innovation that can be used to complement and enhance a student’s learning experience, but it should not be used as a cost-cutting measure. The OfS has a duty to ensure that students receive the educational experience promised by their provider, so we look forward to the results of this review.

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Premium dating apps offer additional benefits and a higher success rate for users looking for their match. GOBankingRates spoke to relationship and matchmaking experts to find out which paid dating apps are worth investing in your dating life.
Scott Valdez, founder and president of VIDA Select, said popular dating site and payment app Match is a good investment for people over 35 in general. Valdez said Match has a big advantage over other dating sites because you can search for matches on your own. A pioneering online dating company founded in 1995, Match offers a fun yet serious approach to those looking for a long-term relationship. Use keywords in your profile to match users with similar interests.

If you want to have a good conversation and see a live user, Match encourages users to try the Vibe Check feature. With this video chat feature, you can see any eligible match member on the app and desktop, as long as each member has messaged each other or something similar. Additionally, Vibe Check on Match is free to use.

Emyli Lovz, co-founder of emlovz, said The League is where super-ambitious singles meet equally successful people. Launched in 2015, The League is a community of overambitious gamers. Users can date like-minded people with passion and motivation using the app. In the League’s mission statement, CEO and Founder Amanda Bradford wrote that the community was built to celebrate smart, outspoken, high-achieving women who put their education and career first. A paid subscription allows users to increase the speed, quantity and quality of games. It also supports the League’s mission to continue to serve as a selective and quality dating community. The common thread is ambition and the will to succeed.

Dubbed the dating app to kill, Hinge is built on the belief that anyone looking for love should be able to find it. The app caters to a slightly younger demographic than Match and is available in both free and paid formats. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with the free version, you might want to upgrade to the premium version. Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, said she sees a lot of success rates with Hinge because of the app’s focus on high-quality interactions. The extra money spent on the app might get you the right match. Valdez said that when deciding which paid dating apps are a worthwhile investment, he recommends following the same logic regarding the number of potential matches you’ll have. Hinge has a large group of users and the premium features can save you a lot of time. One of these features is unlimited likes. According to Lovz, what sets Hinge apart is that it only offers 10 likes per day for free users. With an ever increasing number of users, this is not enough. It’s a feature that makes Hinge worth paying for.

Not everyone will have access to Raya, a private community and one of the most exclusive dating apps. Users can apply for membership and see if they are accepted to connect and collaborate with people around the world.

Apply for membership at Trombetti and see what happens after approval. If you are approved for the app, it suggests you try it and pay for the service, as all app users must also be verified and paid.

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