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Hire Programmers

Hire Programmers

iTechScripts is a front-line full spectrum web and mobile development company providing result-oriented cost-effective solutions to enterprises - big, medium and small - spread across the world. Behind this eminent brand there also exists an impressive track-record as a preferred IT outsourcing solution provider. Keeping pace with the fast moving and ever-changing space in the world of information technology, iTechScripts strives to keep abreast of the latest of technologies and bring in innovative ideas constantly in the projects it undertakes.

Our clients have two options to choose from

  1. Entrust your project to iTechScripts and leave it to our in-house development managers to complete the job on your behalf.
  2. Hire our professionals from us on remote staffing basis, and guide them to complete your project entirely to your liking. In this option you enjoy the freedom of your overriding presence right from the beginning till the end of your project.

Why is the route of outsourcing viewed to be a ground-breaking one?

  1. Outsourcing is synonymous with economy. The most luring aspect of outsourcing your job to remote staff hired at a distant location lies in the remarkable amount of economy you are likely to achieve in the process. Depending on the geographic location of the country and the location of the remote staff you engage, your project cost could come down to half or one third of the estimated cost in your home country.
  2. Minimize or even eliminate the need for a full fledged in-house development set up. Your remote staff may still be at work in a distant location in another part of the globe even as you are having a good night's sleep.
  3. Save money on manpower. Save on avoidable office set up, staff salary, medical and other social benefits, traveling allowance, electricity and telephone bills and so on.
  4. Save on man-hour lost to commute by your office staff. Regular commuters subject themselves to routine stress causing them to under perform at the place of duty.
  5. Remote staff is likely to be more relaxed in home conditions than your own staff in the office. A relaxed mind in a relaxed ambience is likely to be far more productive.
  6. Assure yourself access to work talent from around the world. When you get your project done by your own employees, you restrict yourself to the limited availability of local manpower only. While outsourcing your project to a distant location, however, you always have the opportunity to make sure that you entrust your job to the best people in business.
  7. While you engage your remote staff to complete your project, and are in a position to monitor the progress as and when you like, you save ample time to concentrate on other pressing matters.

Case Studies

We possess an efficient line-up comprising highly competent and experienced in-house IT professionals who account for an imposing workforce with acumen coupled with decades of combined experience in managing high-end websites for satisfied customers all across the world.

Please scroll down this page to have a short glimpse of just a few out of the huge number of prominent, high-quality, cutting edge websites developed and managed by us until recently.

Covid-19, or the Corona virus, as it is popularly known, is compelling mankind to rethink and readjust its usual pattern of life in many different ways.

Hardly ever, in the recorded history of the world, has an invading virus been able to catch the world in a state of such unpreparedness, wreaked havoc over such a vast area of the planet, affected such a huge number of the world population simultaneously at such an incredible pace, caused such a huge rate of mortality and disrupted human life to the brink of disaster.

At this crucial time, when approximately 80% of the world finds itself under complete or partial lockdown, hundreds of thousands of supermarkets and big stores around the world find themselves without customers - a development that may spell doom for their business.

Grocery Sellers

A singular fact to emerge clearly out of the queries received from affected people everywhere, is that quite a huge number of those concerned people, who have either opted for online grocery supply already, or are looking to join the system, have come to realize and appreciate the merits of the system even beyond the Corona crisis and include it in their way of life.

A grocery website is not merely a plain website, but a well equipped e-Commerce platform-cum management system covering every single step of the process from billing to shipping and inventory management.

Going online apparently seems to be the only way out to keep the shrinking and dying business afloat. The world has come to this realization - the sooner we wake up to the reality, the better it is.

Hire Teacher is the result of possibly the first-of-its-kind endeavor towards creating an extensive social platform keeping teachers, students and educational institutions in mind. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all the services offered by Hire Teacher, unlike others, are free of all charges. It is envisaged as a free meeting place for those who teach, those who need to be taught, and of course the educational institutions who deal both with the teacher and the taught. Posting the personal profile on the Hire Teacher platform is therefore sure to open up many new opportunities for the aspiring teacher.

In a nutshell, a teacher can find the preferred employer, the educational institution can pick the most suitable teacher, a freelancing teacher can choose a student or a group of students for private coaching, a student can find the right private tutor, and so on - all made possible by a common platform where every interested party can interact with others to specify respective needs and offers.

Although the functioning of Hire Teacher is based very much on the social media model, Hire Teacher, unlike social media, is focused entirely on three basic components of the education industry namely, teachers, students and institutions.

Hire Teacher

In a country like India, that turns out a combined figure running into hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates, post graduates and Ph.Ds every year, with the vast majority of the number ending up as educated unemployed, the all-free offer from Hire Teacher will not only be seen as a bonus, but it definitely will inject a sense of drive and initiative into the mind of an enormous community that is desperately in need to find itself in the employed category.

Hire Teacher does not stop at bringing only teachers and students, or teachers and schools/ colleges together, Hire Teacher does also bring together teachers of diverse streams and subjects on its platform, where they can come up with queries concerning teachers, get them answered by others, suggest and discuss matters of general interest and concern, identify problems and find solutions thereof, all in an ambience of togetherness.

In the absence of right exposure, many well educated young people in India fail to find the jobs of teachers that they richly deserve. Many of them would make very good teachers with the right opportunities coming their way at the right time, but the opportunities keep eluding them till the young, vibrant and enthusiastic young people turn overage, give up all hopes for a respectable profession and gradually slip into a state of depression. This is an alarming instance of national waste India can ill afford to indulge in.

To our knowledge, Hire Teacher, possibly for the first time ever, has presented a free platform for every single teaching aspirant to showcase self with pride and dignity, be seen by the world and contacted and hired by whosoever may find the candidacy suitable.

Customer Reviews

highly recommend.20 Apr 2020
"I have been fortunate to use the services of itechscripts for the past four years. I highly recommend this company and am available for further reference if needed."
team dependable 15 Apr 2020
"We trust their ability to deliver good-quality and reliable code."
Emilio Jensen
thank you...15 Apr 2020
"Their depth of knowledge and ability to react quickly to our requests was impressive."
Strongly recommended02 Apr 2020
"They’re very accommodating and established a great understanding of our goals."
nice24 Mar 2020
" Easy to use script."
user-friendly and cost-effective08 Mar 2020
"The platform is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. The initial analysis helped automate internal processes successfully."
Amuel Miller
best developers15 Feb 2020
"They understood our needs and found a proficient developer."
great service03 Feb 2020
"They have not only provided great service but provided consultation on best practices for my media company."
Highly satisfied.02 Feb 2020
"Satisfied with your services. Excellent script."
Wonderful team.21 Jan 2020
"Through their work, the team has streamlined several operational processes by providing automation services."
Bikram Prasad

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