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iTech Car Classifieds Script v12.34

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Welcome to the captivating realm of Car Classifieds portals, where the automotive world merges with the digital landscape, creating endless opportunities for website owners. But what exactly is a Car Classifieds portal, and how can it empower website owners to achieve remarkable success? Prepare to embark on a... read more

Fully transparent and editable PHP source code is included.
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Product Description

The healthy environment in the Indian used car market today has made it much easier, more transparent and faster for consumers to buy or sell used cars. However, to get more interest in your used car, you need to make sure that the ads of the used car are both interesting and perfect with real and relevant data. You can use the car classifieds platforms online to sell your car in the comfort of your own home and let them complete the most important part of the transaction. Or you can help them (and you) create a perfect ad or item that will get serious customers the information they need right away.

Combining an undeniably good understanding of a car with the simplicity of selling online has a clear advantage over print advertising. You can post photos and videos on online media and describe your vehicle in detail.

Visit any reputed car classifieds website, sign in and visit the posting page. After selecting the category, you will be taken to a form where you will need to ask for some information about your car. Once you have completed all the technical details, you will need to write the title bar and description. Describe the condition of your car as well as its features and the reason for the sale.

Pricing can be a daunting task. When choosing a price, you need to make sure that you are considering as a future buyer if the car needs to be repaired or the insurance needs to be renewed immediately after purchase. Take photos, write descriptions and upload them to multiple categorized pages. Taking and uploading images and writing descriptions take time and effort.

Welcome to the captivating realm of Car Classifieds portals, where the automotive world merges with the digital landscape, creating endless opportunities for website owners. But what exactly is a Car Classifieds portal, and how can it empower website owners to achieve remarkable success? Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as we unveil the secrets of this powerful tool and reveal why reaching out to our team for high-class yet affordable development is the ultimate game-changer.

Imagine a world where car enthusiasts and buyers unite in a dynamic online marketplace, where the thrill of finding the perfect vehicle meets the convenience of the digital age. A Car Classifieds portal is your gateway to this exhilarating realm. It's a cutting-edge platform that equips website owners with the tools to create an immersive experience for car sellers and buyers alike. Now, let's dive into the captivating benefits that await those who embrace the potential of Car Classifieds portals:

  1. Unleash Lucrative Possibilities: With a Car Classifieds portal, you open the door to a multitude of revenue streams. Featured listings, premium advertisements, and strategic banner placements are just the beginning. Imagine the thrill of offering value-added services like financing options, vehicle history reports, or even partnering with local dealerships. As your portal gains traction and captivates a growing audience, the potential for profitability soars to unimaginable heights.

  2. Conquer Your Niche: The automotive industry is a vast universe, and a Car Classifieds portal allows you to carve out your own niche. From luxury cars to vintage gems, from specific geographical areas to unique customer segments, your portal becomes a haven tailored to the passions and desires of your target audience. By focusing your energy on catering to the specific needs of your niche, you become an undisputed expert, magnetizing enthusiasts and amplifying your brand's allure.

  3. Ignite the Joy of Discovery: Picture a world where car sellers effortlessly showcase their vehicles, captivating buyers with detailed listings, stunning images, and comprehensive information. With a well-crafted Car Classifieds portal, you can create an unforgettable user experience that ignites the joy of discovery. Advanced search filters, personalized notifications, and interactive features elevate the excitement of finding the perfect car. By providing a seamless journey, you transform your portal into a destination that keeps users coming back for more.

  4. Thrive in the Spotlight: A successful Car Classifieds portal attracts a vibrant community of car enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers. As your portal becomes the go-to hub for all things automotive, you open the doors to endless partnerships and collaborations. Advertising opportunities, sponsored content, and strategic alliances await, giving your portal a chance to thrive in the spotlight. Become the trusted destination where industry insiders and passionate car lovers converge, and watch your profitability soar to new heights.

  5. Empower Your Vision: A Car Classifieds portal is your canvas for creativity and growth. Customize every aspect of your platform, from branding to design, to align with your unique vision. As your business flourishes, your portal scales with you, accommodating increased traffic, expanding feature sets, and adapting to emerging trends. With every milestone, you solidify your position as a pioneer in the automotive marketplace, fueling the pursuit of innovation and captivating the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide.

Now is the moment to seize the captivating potential of Car Classifieds portals. Our team of passionate experts is ready to collaborate with you, bringing your vision to life with high-class development solutions that won't break the bank. With our unrivaled expertise and commitment to excellence, we'll create a Car Classifieds portal that captivates, inspires, and leaves a lasting impression.

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity pass you by. Contact us today, and together, let's embark on an exhilarating journey that revolutionizes the way cars are bought and sold.

Where do I find the features?

Getting Started

We're excited that you're interested in our services. To ensure you have an unforgettable experience, we urge you to check out our demo links before making a decision. These links are your backstage pass to exploring our features and functionalities firsthand. While our feature list and project descriptions give an overview, we're always innovating, so some features may change.

By clicking the demo links, you'll experience the latest version of our services, test cutting-edge features, and see how we can meet your needs. It's like test-driving your dream car before purchase! This ensures you make an informed decision with confidence.

So, dive into the future of technology with us! We look forward to seeing you on the other side, armed with the knowledge for the right choice. Thank you for considering iTechScripts; we're thrilled to serve you!

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Are you tired of cookie-cutter websites that all look the same? Want to create a website like your favorite one, but worried about legal issues? Look no further! Our team of skilled professionals can help you create a unique website with features similar to your favorite one, without any copyright infringement. With our innovative approach, your website will be one-of-a-kind and sure to stand out. Don't settle for mediocrity, let us help you create the website of your dreams. Contact us today!

Demo Links

Once you try the demo we know you’ll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements. Do you know how it works?


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Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

Special Offers

  • White Label (No Back-link).
  • Latest Technology (PHP 7+, MySQLi).
  • Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  • Browser Independent (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Optimized Content (Twice Faster).
  • Fully Scalable (Up to Million Users).
  • Price Challenge (Lowest Price Guaranteed).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time Purchase).
  • No Hidden Charges (Fully Transparent).
  • Free Software Update (36 Months).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration (USD75 USD175).
  • SEO Service (USD175/month USD245).
  • Content Writing Service (USD15/page USD25).
  • Social Media Management (USD150/month USD225).

Revenue model

  • Premium Membership Fee: Generate revenue through membership fees paid by premium members.
  • Advertisement Revenue: Earn income from platform advertisements.
  • Google AdSense in Footer Sections: Utilize footer sections for Google AdSense to create additional revenue streams.

Script features

  • Modern and Responsive Design: Implement a contemporary and mobile-responsive design for an enhanced user experience.
  • Ajax-Based Interface: Utilize Ajax technology to create a dynamic and seamless user interface.
  • PWA Ready Design: Develop a design prepared for Progressive Web App (PWA), offering app-like features and offline functionality.
  • Easy Customizable Template: Provide users with the ability to easily customize templates for a personalized experience.
  • MVC Architecture: Implement a Model-View-Controller architecture for efficient code organization.
  • Codeigniter Framework: Build the script using the Codeigniter framework for robust development.
  • SEO-Friendly URL: Create URLs optimized for search engines to enhance visibility.
  • Google Analytics Code Integration: Incorporate Google Analytics code for comprehensive website analytics.
  • Multilingual Front-End: Offer a front-end supporting multiple languages for diverse user engagement.
  • Multi-Currency with Conversion: Implement multi-currency support with real-time conversion capabilities.
  • Google XML Sitemap Link: Include a Google XML sitemap link for improved search engine indexing.
  • PayPal Pre-Integrated: Seamlessly integrate PayPal for secure transactions.

Visitor Interface

  • Homepage Slider with Thumbnails: Display a slider with thumbnails on the homepage for an engaging visual experience.
  • Language and Currency Options: Allow visitors to easily switch between website languages and currencies.
  • Advanced Search Options: Enable visitors to search by manufacturer, model, registration year, and price.
  • Featured Car Lists: Showcase the latest and most viewed cars on the homepage.
  • Client Testimonials: Display genuine client testimonials for added credibility.
  • Website Services Section: Clearly outline the services provided on the website.
  • Car Details and Filters: Provide comprehensive details for each car and allow filtering by various parameters.
  • Image and Video Viewing: Enable visitors to view images and videos of listed cars.
  • Contact Agent: Facilitate direct communication between visitors and car agents.
  • Technical Information Check: Provide detailed technical information about each car for informed decision-making.
  • Price Check and Comments Section: Display car prices and allow visitors to leave comments.
  • FAQ Section: Include a frequently asked questions section to address common visitor queries.

Agent Interface

  • User-Friendly Registration and Login: Provide agents with a straightforward registration process and an efficient Ajax-based login interface.
  • Car Listing and Details: Allow agents to seamlessly add new cars, edit car information, and view a list of posted cars.
  • Membership Management: Empower agents to easily purchase or upgrade membership packages and change passwords.
  • Profile Management: Allow agents to efficiently update personal information and upload a profile image.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard Overview: Provide administrators with a comprehensive report on the dashboard for quick insights.
  • Membership Package Management: Enable administrators to flexibly add, edit, or delete membership packages, specifying details such as price, duration, posting limit, and image upload limit.
  • Agent Oversight: Facilitate efficient management of agents, including the ability to suspend, approve, or delete agents, view a list of cars posted by agents, and oversee agent profiles.
  • Car Management: Streamline the management of listed cars, including the ability to suspend, approve, or view details, manage image galleries, and oversee homepage slider and partner images.
  • Testimonial and FAQ Management: Allow easy addition, editing, or deletion of client testimonials and FAQ entries.
  • Option Management: Provide flexibility in managing options for countries, cities, manufacturers, models, fabrications, body types, fuel types, transmissions, doors, cylinders, horsepower/kilowatts, and technical specifications.
  • Content Editing: Enable administrators to easily edit text for "About us," "Privacy Policy," "Terms & Conditions," and "Our Services."
  • Website Configuration: Allow administrators to set essential website details, such as name, title, email, address, phone, meta keywords, meta description, author, currency sign, currency code, conversion rate, default currency, decimal and thousand delimiters, default language, available languages, and social media links.
  • Ad Integration and Homepage Customization: Facilitate the seamless addition of Google AdSense and Google Analytics codes, along with easy management of homepage heading texts and the website logo.

Customer Reviews

1. Is this a ready system?

Yes, of course.

2. Do you provide editable source code?

Yes, fully editable.

3. Can I change the design?

Yes. We provide a fully editable PHP source. You can edit the design files.

4. Any recurring charge?

No. Only one-time payment.

5. I need to add some features. What do I do?

You can edit the source files to add features. We offer custom development services at nominal rates.

6. Do you help installing the script?

Yes. We offer free installation assistance, except on local or unmanaged servers.

7. Do you accept payments in installment?

No such facility is currently available.

8. Do I have to put your name on my website?

Fully whitelabel solution. No backlink is required.

9. If your script does not work, what should I do?

Place your order only after being satisfied and convinced of the quality. The payment is not refundable.

10. Will your script run in high traffic?

Tested with thousands of concurrent users. It depends on your server.

11. Which version of PHP is needed to run the script?

It supports the latest version (PHP7x). Also, compatible with PHP5.6.

12. Does it use MVC architecture?

Yes. It uses Codeigniter and follows MVC architecture.

13. Is your script ready for future upgrade?

Yes. It uses Codeigniter. You can upgrade the core files without changing the custom files.

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