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iTech Penny Auction Script v23.71

Category: Penny auction

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iTech Penny Auction Script provides an intuitive and affordable live auction platform that offers the ability to manage hundreds of simultaneous auction events, allowing startups and small organizations to capitalize on online business opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you. Our team will be happy to arrange a live demo for you. Fully transparent and editable PHP source code is included. Also, check Pro Edition .

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Product Description

A penny auction site is a new generation of online auction sites where each bidder not only pays the winning bid for an item, but also pays an auction fee. The auction ends after a period of time, usually ten to twenty seconds, with no new bids, the last participant to bid wins the bid and also pays the final bid price, which may be considerably lower than the selling price of the item. The auctioneer makes money by selling bid packages, which usually far more than the value of the item. These auctions usually take place on the Internet and not in person.

Also, check Pro Edition .

  1. Ajax-based countdown on every auction.
  2. Supports multiple auction types (viz. Penny Auction, 100% Off, Nail Bitter, 10 Second etc).
  3. Buy-now interface.
  4. Auto-bidder interface to save time.
  5. Referral links for each user to earn referral commission.
  6. Bot-user feature.
  7. Fully scalable architecture.

With an eye to constant upgradation of our products under a dynamic work culture, the product features-list gets updated as an ongoing process reflecting the latest inclusions /exclusions. The buyers may please bear in mind that product-features available on the date of purchase only shall be valid. Any claims/demands by the buyer on a later date for features with reference to any features-list prior to the date of purchase, or updated after the date of purchase shall not be entertained.

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Demo Links

Once you try the demo we know you’ll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements. Do you know how it works?

Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

Special Offers

  • White Label (No Back-link).
  • Latest Technology (PHP 7+, MySQLi).
  • Browser Independent (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Optimized Content (Twice Faster).
  • Fully Scalable (Up to Million Users).
  • Price Challenge (Lowest Price Guaranteed).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time Purchase).
  • No Hidden Charges (Fully Transparent).
  • Complimentary Web Hosting (36 Months) (USD216).
  • cPanel Access (Fully Loaded).
  • Complimentary SSL Certificate (36 Months).
  • Free Installation Assistance (36 Months).
  • Free Technical Support (36 Months).
  • Free Software Update (36 Months).
  • Free Logo (Any One).
  • SEO Service (USD175/month USD245).
  • Content Writing Service (USD15/page USD25).
  • Social Media Management (USD150/month USD225).

Revenue model

  • Bid packages for buyers.
  • Advertisement revenue.
  • Footer section for Google AdSense.

Script features

  • Ajax based interface.
  • Easy customizable template.
  • Ajay based countdown.
  • PayPal pre-integrated.

  • User interface

    • List of "Ending Soon" auctions on the homepage.
    • List of latest auctions on the homepage.
    • Easy registration.
    • Email verification by OTP.
    • Search auction by category.
    • Purchase bid package.
    • See auction details.
    • Check the current bid amount.
    • See last bidder name.
    • Check bid increment amount.
    • See original price of the product.
    • Check bid rebate amount.
    • Check buy-now cost.
    • Set auto bids.
    • Enter maximum bid.
    • Enter minimum bid.
    • Enter total bid number.
    • Check bid history of the product.
    • Check bid types of previous bids.
    • See product description.
    • See payment methods.
    • Add items into the watch list.
    • See list of bidding items.
    • Revoke bids.
    • See the list of auto bids.
    • See the list of items added on the watch list.
    • See list of won items.
    • Redeem bid vouchers.
    • Tell a friend about the website.
    • Update profile.
    • Update contact details.
    • See referral link.
    • See list of referred registrations.
    • Change password.
    • Close account.

    Admin Panel

    • See number of total users.
    • See number of total active users.
    • See number of total suspended users.
    • See number of total unverified users.
    • See number of total users joined today.
    • See number of total items posted.
    • See number of total new items.
    • See number of total live items.
    • See number of total sold items.
    • See number of total expired items.
    • Edit website settings.
    • Set website "domain name".
    • Set website "title".
    • Set website "admin email".
    • Set website "slogan".
    • Set website "name".
    • Set website "launch date".
    • Set website "last update date".
    • Set website "old item cleanup duration in days".
    • Set "the number of maximum auctions a user can win".
    • Set website "default currency".
    • Set website "default currency code".
    • Set website "maximum size of uploaded files".
    • Set website "bid cost".
    • Set website "sign up bid credit".
    • Enable/disable "Bid back".
    • Enable/disable "Referral system".
    • Enable/disable "Registration Terms and Conditions".
    • Enable/disable "Display banners".
    • Enable/disable "Registration approval required".
    • Enable/disable "Email verification".
    • Set free bid awards for each referral level.
    • Set bid back percentage for each level.
    • Set auction pause time range.
    • Set website top announcement section.
    • Set background color for the announcement section.
    • Set the border color for the announcement section.
    • Set the font color for the announcement section.
    • Set announcement section content.
    • Enter "Google AdSense" code.
    • Edit "Terms" text.
    • Edit "About Us" text.
    • Edit "Privacy" text.
    • Add/ edit/ delete countries.
    • Edit Meta Description.
    • Edit Meta Keywords.
    • Add/ edit/ delete banners.
    • See list of users.
    • See list of active users.
    • See list of pending approval users.
    • See list of suspended users.
    • See list of new users.
    • See list of unverified users.
    • Search users by username.
    • Search users by email.
    • Search users by joining date.
    • See user details.
    • See user personal details.
    • See user transaction details
    • See user bid details.
    • See user referral details.
    • Add bids to the user account.
    • Add/ edit/ delete bot-users.
    • Add/ edit/ delete bid vouchers.
    • Add/ edit/ delete bid packages.
    • See the list of transactions.
    • Add/ edit/ delete FAQ categories.
    • Add/ edit/ delete FAQs.
    • Send email to users.
    • Send newsletter to subscribers.
    • See list of all auctions.
    • Filter by auction type.
    • Filter by posting date and time.
    • Filter by ending date and time.
    • See list of future auctions.
    • See list of live auctions.
    • See list of sold auctions.
    • See list of expired auctions.
    • See item details.
    • Relist auctions.
    • See number of bids.
    • See bid amounts.
    • Edit auctions.
    • Add a penny auction.
    • Add 100% off auction
    • Add nail bitter auction.
    • Add a fixed price auction.
    • Add a beginner auction.
    • Add 10 Second auctions.
    • Add 15 Second auctions.
    • Add 20 Second auctions.
    • Select auction category.
    • Select sub-category
    • Enter item title.
    • Enter item description.
    • Enter duration.
    • Enter posting delay.
    • Enter quantity.
    • Enter minimum bid amount.
    • Enter bid increment.
    • Enter time added on each bid.
    • Enter a reserve price.
    • Enter original price.
    • Enter return policy.
    • Upload images with thumbnails.
    • Enter shipping cost.
    • Change admin password.
    • Change website logo.

Customization Service

Those special buyers, passionate about the uniqueness of their individual projects, and unwilling to settle for a ready solution possibly being used by many others, should rather approach our programmers for custom development, a process conforming fully to your preferences.

We are a front-line full spectrum web and mobile development company providing result-oriented cost-effective solutions to enterprises - big, medium and small - spread across the world. At iTechScripts we encourage clients to speak out as clearly as possible about what exactly they want. Our in-house professionals extract essential inputs for the project from these routine interactions. Because your inputs form a vital part of our customization strategy as we carry them all the way through the development journey.

Getting started

To start with, you need to contact us and narrate your ideas, viewpoints and requirements. Our experts analyze these points minutely to lay out a preliminary course of action. On the basis of subsequent discussions between you and a member of our team of developers, the layout for the final course of action is decided and the process of development gets going. You may please share your inputs online, as prompted, and wait briefly for the response. You will get to know everything related to your ready custom project from the person responding to you.

Just share your personalized needs and choices with us and see your pet project taking shape at a most affordable cost unmatched by any other under supervision of a dedicated project manager. Alternatively, you may also call our customer help desk and speak to our ever-friendly customer care executive, who will ask you a few simple questions to ascertain your requirements and guide you to the next step.

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Customer Reviews

user-friendly and cost-effective

"The platform is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. The initial analysis helped automate internal processes successfully."

Amuel Miller - 08 Mar 2020

Highly satisfied.

"Satisfied with your services. Excellent script."

Jacob - 02 Feb 2020

Submit Your Review

1. Is this a ready system?

Yes, of course.

2. Do you provide editable source code?

Yes, fully editable.

3. Can I change the design?

Yes. We provide a fully editable PHP source. You can edit the design files.

4. Any recurring charge?

No. Only one-time payment.

5. I need to add some features. What do I do?

You can edit the source files to add features. We offer custom development services at nominal rates.

6. Do you help installing the script?

Yes. We offer free installation assistance, except on local or unmanaged servers.

7. Do you accept payments in installment?

No such facility is currently available.

8. Do I have to put your name on my website?

Fully whitelabel solution. No backlink is required.

9. If your script does not work, what should I do?

Place your order only after being satisfied and convinced of the quality. The payment is not refundable.

10. Will your script run in high traffic?

Tested with thousands of concurrent users. It depends on your server.

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