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iTech Social Networking Script v3.45

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Coded in PHP/MySQL, this hot-selling ultra versatile product packs the power to create and run your own social website that is easily comparable with the best in the world. The script is readily customizable. Andriod and IOS apps. are available for FREE.
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Product Description

A social networking website is an online platform that allows users to create a public profile and interact with other users on the website. Social networking websites usually have a new user input a list of people with whom they share a connection and then allow the people on the list to confirm or deny the connection. After connections are established, the new user can search the networks of his connections to make more connections. A social networking site may also be known as a social website or a social networking website. The use of internet-based social media programs to make connections with friends, family, classmates, customers and clients. Social networking can be done for social purposes, business purposes or both. Social networking means the creation and maintenance of personal and business relationships especially online. Social networking websites allow users to be part of a virtual community. Through social networking websites, users can share their lives with other people without needing to develop and publish their own home pages. These websites also provide an important linking element between users that allows friends to communicate directly with each other.

Those special buyers, passionate about the uniqueness of their individual projects, and unwilling to settle for a ready solution possibly being used by many others, should rather approach our programmers for custom development, a process conforming fully to your preferences.

Just share your personalized needs and choices with us and see your pet project taking shape at a most affordable cost unmatched by any other under supervision of a dedicated project manager.

Demo Links

Please try the demo, we know you'll love it.


            Password: userdemo


            Password: admin

Mobile View

            Password: userdemo

Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

  • Free Hosting (12 Months).
  • Free SSL Certificate (12 Months).
  • Free Android App (Delivery after 30 days, Play Store login required).
  • Free iOS App (Delivery after 30 days, App Store login required).
  • Free Security Plug-in (Third-party).
  • Free Installation Service (12 Months).
  • Free Technical Support (12 Months).
  • Free Software Update (12 Months).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time).
  • Secured PHP Source (iOnCube).
  • Registration with name, email, password, date of birth etc.
  • User can add multiple school, college, university with start and end year or present tag.
  • User can add multiple companies with designation, start and end year or present tag.
  • Each entry can be private, friends or public.
  • About me, summary and favorite quotation.
  • Contact info, like mobile, address, city, country, email can be private, friends or public.
  • Post status with or without image, with or without.
  • Posts can be public, only me or only friends.
  • Like, comments, share posts.
  • Liker's list with photo.
  • Send friend requests.
  • Accept/ reject friend requests.
  • Tag posts.
  • Report abuse.
  • Block users.
  • Upload images.
  • Set any image as profile picture.
  • Create Albums. Make it private, friends or public.
  • Upload images in albums.
  • Upload cover photo.
  • Select uploaded images as cover photo.
  • Allow/ disallow posts on timeline.
  • Allow/ disallow tagging, sharing.
  • Notification, when anyone tags me.
  • Notification, when anyone posts on my timeline.
  • Notification, when anyone shares on my timeline.
  • Notification, when anyone comments on my posting.
  • Notification, when anyone likes my comments or posts.
  • News feed, when anyone tags me.
  • News feed, when anyone posts on my timeline.
  • News feed, when anyone shares on my timeline.
  • News feed, when anyone comments on my posting.
  • News feed, when anyone likes my comments or posts.
  • News feed, when my friend posts on his/her timeline.
  • News feed, when anyone comments, likes any post posted on my friend's timeline.
  • List of mutual friends.
  • Logo Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Banner Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Infographic Presentation (Paid Add-on).
  • SEO Service (Paid Add-on).
  • Promotional Video (Paid Add-on).

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