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Ez Tutor Hunt Clone v2.30 - Tutor Search Script

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This superbly designed online platform is the most ideal meeting place for students/ parents and tutors where everyone gets to receive the vital information about the others who matter. Fully open source, no encryption.
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Product Description

What makes online tutor directory a craze? Students searching desperately for tutors to get expert guidance on certain subjects - preferably at convenient locations - affordability of tutors always being a prime consideration, tutors looking out for students willing to hire tutors of various subjects, parents toiling hard to find the right tutors for their children - all stand to see their problems solved in a flash with the welcome arrival of Tutor Hunt Clone Script, a comprehensive, well thought out versatile script featuring tutors.

Students/ parents need to register for tutions as per the subjects they choose. Availability of all tutors under the chosen subjects get displayed, providing the students with easy access to the list of tutors to choose from.

Searching for tutors online - the trend is here to stay

In reality this online tutor directory does not only help the user just choose a tutor, it does in fact enable the user to pick one out of huge number of available options after thoroughly comparing and screening them for best suitability to the purpose. With the availability of our all-encompassing versatile ready Tutor Hunt Clone Script script at a remarkably economical rate, the buyers intending to launch and operate an online tutor directory of their own, can now do so with absolute ease, anytime they want.

Tutor Hunt Clone Script online tutor directory script is designed with efficient mobile responsive features to get the teachers and the students / parents on its platform for easy interaction anytime anywhere. The Tutor Hunt Clone Script script is easily customizable and easy to install. It is equipped with an admin to bring total monitoring and controlling capability to your fingertips.

Why decide confidently in favor of Tutor Hunt Clone Script tutor directory Script?

  1. Wide range of options to facilitate easy availability.
  2. Features designed in line with practical demands of users.
  3. A high performing script at remarkably economical rate.
  4. Well equipped Script making launch of online tutor directory a simple task.
  5. Mobile responsive features to ensure easy teacher-student interaction anytime anywhere.
  6. Pricing affordable to every budget.

Remote Staff

Overseas customers now stand to benefit immensely by choosing to remote hire the services of our top-notch software professionals at just fraction of the prevailing costs in respective countries. For more information, click here .

Demo Links

Once you try the demo we know you’ll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements.

Teacher    http://tutorhunt-clone.itechscripts.com

Student    http://tutorhunt-clone.itechscripts.com

Admin    http://tutorhunt-clone.itechscripts.com/admin

Mobile View    http://tutorhunt-clone.itechscripts.com/mobile

APK Download    https://itechscripts.com/apk/tutor-search-script

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Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

  • Open Source (Fully Editable).
  • White Label (No Backlink).
  • Free Android App (Special Offer).
  • Free Hosting (12 Months).
  • Free SSL Certificate (12 Months).
  • Free Installation Service (12 Months).
  • Free Technical Support (12 Months).
  • Free Software Update (12 Months).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time).
  • Tutor registration.
  • Student/ parent registration.
  • Unlimited subjects.
  • Profile creation.
  • Profile image and cover photo.
  • Qualification and certificates.
  • Link social media profiles.
  • List testimonials.
  • Detailed transaction history.
  • Service provider registration.
  • Purchase contact.
  • Create tutor profile.
  • Search teacher by Category.
  • Search teacher by location.
  • Messaging system.
  • PayPal integration interface.
  • Content management system.
  • Logo Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Banner Design (Paid Add-on).
  • Infographic Presentation (Paid Add-on).
  • SEO Service (Paid Add-on).
  • Promotional Video (Paid Add-on).

Legal Disclaimer

1. We do not offer identical copy of Tutorhunt.com.
2. We do not offer source code of Tutorhunt.com.
3. We are not (in anyway) associated to Tutorhunt.com.
4. Our services (website design/ development) are not endorsed by Tutorhunt.com.
5. This page features information already in public domain.
6. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the live demo before ordering.

Customization Service

Those special buyers, passionate about the uniqueness of their individual projects, and unwilling to settle for a ready solution possibly being used by many others, should rather approach our programmers for custom development, a process conforming fully to your preferences.

We are a front-line full spectrum web and mobile development company providing result-oriented cost-effective solutions to enterprises - big, medium and small - spread across the world. At iTechScripts we encourage clients to speak out as clearly as possible about what exactly they want. Our in-house professionals extract essential inputs for the project from these routine interactions. Because your inputs form a vital part of our customization strategy as we carry them all the way through the development journey.

Getting started

To start with, you need to contact us and narrate your ideas, viewpoints and requirements. Our experts analyze these points minutely to lay out a preliminary course of action. On the basis of subsequent discussions between you and a member of our team of developers, the layout for the final course of action is decided and the process of development gets going. You may please share your inputs online, as prompted, and wait briefly for the response. You will get to know everything related to your ready custom project from the person responding to you.

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