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iTech Business Networking Script Pro v18.61

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Step into a world of limitless potential and unparalleled connections—a captivating business networking script designed for entrepreneurs aspiring to launch their own transformative networking website. This script breaks through barriers and propels professionals towards extraordinary achievements, offering a... read more

Fully transparent and editable PHP source code is included.
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Product Description

Step into a world of limitless potential and unparalleled connections—a captivating business networking script designed for entrepreneurs aspiring to launch their own transformative networking website. This script breaks through barriers and propels professionals towards extraordinary achievements, offering a virtual odyssey where collaboration knows no bounds, and dreams seamlessly transform into reality.

Prepare to be captivated by stunning visuals upon arrival. The script's seamless fusion of professionalism and creative flair creates an immersive experience, inviting you to explore captivating features and an intuitive design tailored for launching your own business networking platform.

At the heart of this networking script lies its vibrant community—a tapestry of talented individuals and innovative businesses. Their profiles unveil a rich display of exceptional skills, notable accomplishments, and ambitious aspirations. This script is a turnkey solution that empowers you to build a world of inspiration as entrepreneurs delve into the wealth of expertise showcased by remarkable individuals.

Forge connections with like-minded professionals, and a realm of endless possibilities unfolds. Powered by cutting-edge algorithms, the script acts as your personal guide, intelligently suggesting potential contacts aligned with their interests, industry, and career goals. Say goodbye to missed opportunities as you unlock a network that propels the growth of businesses and fosters collaboration.

Engagement thrives within vibrant communities and specialized interest groups, where passionate professionals gather to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends, and embark on thrilling collaborations. These virtual hubs become catalysts for inspiration and knowledge-sharing, fueling creativity and propelling careers or businesses to unprecedented heights.

But the experience doesn't end online. Prepare for an immersive journey that encompasses a rich tapestry of events, from thought-provoking webinars led by industry experts to exhilarating networking conferences that solidify connections in person. This harmonious blend of virtual and real-world engagement ensures that meaningful relationships transcend the digital realm.

Within this captivating ecosystem, curated content awaits exploration—a trove of articles, blog posts, and multimedia resources that keep users informed, inspired, and at the forefront of their fields. Immerse users in industry insights, success stories, and practical tips that will propel them towards professional excellence.

Privacy and security are paramount within this thriving digital community. Robust encryption, privacy settings, and transparent data policies provide the utmost protection for personal information, enabling entrepreneurs to launch their networking websites with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to expand your horizons or an ambitious entrepreneur hungry for transformative partnerships, this business networking script is a turnkey solution that unlocks a world of boundless opportunities. It's an exhilarating platform that connects users with kindred spirits and empowers them to leave an indelible mark on their industry.

Embark on this virtual journey where each connection becomes a stepping stone towards greatness, where interactions inspire and ignite the flames of ambition. Embrace the thrill of networking and allow our team to bring your vision to life. With unwavering commitment to excellence and a dedication to your success, we offer a script that exceeds your expectations. Connect with us today and unlock the extraordinary possibilities that await your business networking website.

Where do I find the features?

Getting Started

We're excited that you're interested in our services. To ensure you have an unforgettable experience, we urge you to check out our demo links before making a decision. These links are your backstage pass to exploring our features and functionalities firsthand. While our feature list and project descriptions give an overview, we're always innovating, so some features may change.

By clicking the demo links, you'll experience the latest version of our services, test cutting-edge features, and see how we can meet your needs. It's like test-driving your dream car before purchase! This ensures you make an informed decision with confidence.

So, dive into the future of technology with us! We look forward to seeing you on the other side, armed with the knowledge for the right choice. Thank you for considering iTechScripts; we're thrilled to serve you!

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Demo Links

Once you try the demo we know you’ll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements. Do you know how it works?


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Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

Special Offers

  • White Label (No Back-link).
  • Latest Technology (PHP 7+, MySQLi).
  • Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  • Browser Independent (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Optimized Content (Twice Faster).
  • Fully Scalable (Up to Million Users).
  • Price Challenge (Lowest Price Guaranteed).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time Purchase).
  • No Hidden Charges (Fully Transparent).
  • Progressive Web App - Android (Compiled APK)
  • Progressive Web App - iOS (Xcode Version)
  • Free Installation Assistance (36 Months).
  • Free After-Sales Service (36 Months).
  • Free Software Update (36 Months).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration (USD75 USD175).
  • SEO Service (USD175/month USD245).
  • Content Writing Service (USD15/page USD25).
  • Social Media Management (USD150/month USD225).

Revenue model

  • Membership Fees from Premium Members: Revenue generated through subscription fees from premium members.
  • Advertisement Revenue: Income generated through strategically placed advertisements on the platform.
  • Footer Sections for Google AdSense: Utilization of footer sections for Google AdSense, creating an additional revenue stream.

Script features

  • Trendy Mobile-Responsive Design: A stylish design ensuring optimal user experience across various devices.
  • Ajax-Based Interface: Utilizes Ajax technology for a seamless and dynamic user interface.
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) Ready Design: Designed to function as a Progressive Web App, enhancing performance and user engagement.
  • Easily Customizable Template: Users can easily customize templates for a personalized appearance.
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture: Developed on a structured MVC architecture for efficient and organized programming.
  • Codeigniter Framework: Utilizes the Codeigniter framework for reliability, flexibility, and streamlined development.
  • PayPal Pre-integrated: Seamless integration with PayPal for secure and convenient transactions.

Users interface

  • User-Friendly Registration Interface: Ensures a straightforward and user-friendly registration process.
  • Email Confirmation during Registration: Enhances security with email confirmation during the registration process.
  • Ajax-Based Login: Allows users to log in seamlessly using Ajax technology.
  • Language Selection Option: Provides users with the option to select their preferred language.
  • Timeline Status Posting: Allows users to post status updates on their timeline.
  • Image and Video File Uploads: Enables users to upload images and videos to share with their network.
  • Like, Comment, and Share Status Updates: Interactivity features include liking, commenting, and sharing status updates.
  • Save and Report Postings: Users can save or report posts based on their preferences.
  • Friend Suggestions Display: Displays friend suggestions to enhance user connections.
  • Profile Thumbnail Image View: Thumbnails for profile images offer a quick preview.
  • List of Mutual Friends: Shows mutual friends for increased social connectivity.
  • Ajax-Based "Add" and "Not Now" Buttons: Utilizes Ajax for a seamless experience in adding friends.
  • Unread Notifications Display in the Header: Notifies users of unread notifications directly in the header.
  • Unseen Friend Requests Display in the Header: Alerts users to unseen friend requests conveniently in the header.
  • Unread Messages Display in the Header: Highlights unread messages directly in the header for quick access.
  • Keyword-Based User Search in the Header: Facilitates user search using keywords directly in the header.
  • Detailed Profile Checking: Allows users to explore detailed profiles of others.
  • Facebook Profile Link Sharing: Provides an option to share Facebook profile links.
  • SEO-Friendly Profile URL: Optimizes profile URLs for better search engine visibility.
  • List of Friends and Mutual Friends: Displays a comprehensive list of friends and mutual connections.
  • Search Friends by Keywords or PIN/ZIP Code: Enables users to search for friends using keywords or location.
  • Unfriending Users and Reporting Profiles: Users can unfriend others and report profiles if needed.
  • Share Profiles on Facebook: Allows users to share profiles on their Facebook accounts.
  • Messaging Feature to Connect with Friends: Facilitates private messaging for direct communication.
  • View Uploaded Images and Videos: Users can browse through images and videos uploaded by others.
  • Review Previous Status Updates: Access to a timeline of previous status updates for reference.
  • Profile Editing and Completeness Check: Enables users to edit their profiles and ensures completeness.
  • Profile Image and Cover Image Upload: Users can upload and customize their profile and cover images.
  • Basic Contact Information Editing: Allows editing of basic contact information.
  • Language Known, Expertise, Summary, and Experience Management: Users can manage details related to language proficiency, expertise, summary, and work experience.
  • Educational Details and Portfolio Editing: Enables users to add, edit, or update educational details and portfolio information.
  • Personal Information Editing: Users can edit personal information to keep profiles up-to-date.
  • Contact Preference Enable/Disable: Allows users to enable or disable contact preferences.
  • Keyword-Based User Search: Facilitates user search based on keywords.
  • Profile Viewing and Reporting: Users can view profiles and report any concerns.
  • Location, Category, Specialized Subject User Search: Allows users to search for others based on location, category, or specialized subjects.
  • Blocked Users and "Who Viewed My Profile" List: Users can manage blocked users and view a list of those who viewed their profile.
  • Saved Posts List: Displays a list of posts saved by the user.
  • Premium Membership Subscription: Users can subscribe to premium membership for enhanced features.
  • Pending Friend Requests List: Shows a list of pending friend requests.
  • Search Friend Requests by Keywords or Location: Users can search for friend requests based on keywords or location.
  • Confirm or Decline Friend Requests: Allows users to confirm or decline friend requests.
  • Ajax-Based Message Section: Utilizes Ajax for a smooth messaging experience.
  • Notifications and Status Updates Lists: Users can view lists of notifications and status updates.
  • Jobs and Applications Tracking: Facilitates tracking of jobs and applications.
  • Company Following and Job Posting Lists: Users can follow companies and access lists of job postings.
  • Job Search by Keywords: Enables job search based on keywords.
  • Ajax-Based "Apply" Button: Utilizes Ajax for a seamless job application process.
  • Job Application Revocation: Users can revoke job applications when needed.
  • Job Search by Type, Category, and Specialization: Facilitates job search based on type, category, and specialization.
  • Job Posting Interface and SEO-Friendly Job URL: Provides an interface for posting jobs with SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Multiple Subject Selection for Job Posting: Allows selection of multiple subjects for job postings.
  • Keywords for Job Search: Enhances job search with keywords.
  • Individual or Company Job Posting: Users can post jobs as individuals or on behalf of companies.
  • List of Posted, Applied, and Saved Jobs: Displays lists of jobs posted, applied for, and saved by the user.
  • Company Search by Keywords or Country: Facilitates company search based on keywords or country.
  • Company Posting and SEO-Friendly URL: Users can post companies with SEO-friendly URLs.
  • List of Created and Followed Companies: Displays lists of companies created and followed by the user.

Admin Panel

  • Overview Report on the Admin Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive report overview on the admin dashboard.
  • Configuration of Subscription Packages: Allows admin to configure subscription package details.
  • Management of Allowed Package Titles and Prices: Admin can manage the titles and prices of allowed packages.
  • Job Posting and Company Creation Limits Management: Enables admin to manage limits on job posting and company creation.
  • Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and Meta Author Editing: Admin has control over SEO-related elements such as page title and meta tags.
  • Default Website Language Setting: Allows admin to set the default language for the website.
  • Lists of Jobs, Companies, and Users: Provides admin with lists of jobs, companies, and users.
  • Job and Company Suspension or Deletion: Admin can suspend or delete jobs and companies as needed.
  • User Suspension or Deletion: Admin has the authority to suspend or delete user accounts.
  • Management of Countries and Cities: Enables admin to manage the list of countries and cities.
  • "About Us" Page Editing: Allows admin to edit content on the "About Us" page.
  • Website Name, Address, Phone Number, Currency, and Email Address Setting: Admin can configure essential website details, including name, address, and currency.

Customer Reviews

1. Is this a ready system?

Yes, of course.

2. Do you provide editable source code?

Yes, fully editable.

3. Can I change the design?

Yes. We provide a fully editable PHP source. You can edit the design files.

4. Any recurring charge?

No. Only one-time payment.

5. I need to add some features. What do I do?

You can edit the source files to add features. We offer custom development services at nominal rates.

6. Do you help installing the script?

Yes. We offer free installation assistance, except on local or unmanaged servers.

7. Do you accept payments in installment?

No such facility is currently available.

8. Do I have to put your name on my website?

Fully whitelabel solution. No backlink is required.

9. If your script does not work, what should I do?

Place your order only after being satisfied and convinced of the quality. The payment is not refundable.

10. Will your script run in high traffic?

Tested with thousands of concurrent users. It depends on your server.

11. Which version of PHP is needed to run the script?

It supports the latest version (PHP7x). Also, compatible with PHP5.6.

12. Does it use MVC architecture?

Yes. It uses Codeigniter and follows MVC architecture.

13. Is your script ready for future upgrade?

Yes. It uses Codeigniter. You can upgrade the core files without changing the custom files.

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