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iTech Food Classifieds Script v11.67

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Welcome to the enchanting world of food classifieds, where flavors collide, businesses thrive, and culinary dreams come true. Imagine a bustling online marketplace teeming with delectable delights, where farmers, artisans, and food enthusiasts gather to tantalize taste buds and forge delicious connections. Now,... read more

Fully transparent and editable PHP source code is included.
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Product Description

Welcome to the enchanting world of food classifieds, where flavors collide, businesses thrive, and culinary dreams come true. Imagine a bustling online marketplace teeming with delectable delights, where farmers, artisans, and food enthusiasts gather to tantalize taste buds and forge delicious connections. Now, picture yourself at the helm of this gastronomic extravaganza, leading the charge to create a food classifieds website that will revolutionize the way people buy, sell, and savor all things edible.

But what's in it for you? Prepare to be enticed by the irresistible allure of profitability as we unveil the tantalizing benefits that await those who dare to embark on this epicurean adventure:

  1. Feast on Success: Owning a food classifieds website means feasting on a buffet of revenue streams. You can monetize listings by charging sellers for prime placement or offering premium features to boost their visibility. Advertisements and partnerships with food-related businesses provide additional avenues for income. With the right recipe for success, your website will be a hotbed of financial prosperity.

  2. Savory User Engagement: The food industry is a sizzling-hot market with an insatiable appetite for connection and discovery. By launching a food classifieds website, you'll attract a diverse array of food lovers, farmers, chefs, and small businesses eager to showcase their delectable offerings. With mouthwatering visuals, interactive features, and a sprinkle of marketing magic, you'll create a vibrant community that keeps users coming back for seconds.

  3. Spice up Visibility: Your food classifieds website becomes the ultimate spice rack, where businesses can add flavor to their visibility. Farmers, artisanal producers, and food vendors will flock to your platform to showcase their mouthwatering creations. With your website as the go-to hub for all things food, businesses will line up to feature sponsored content or advertise their culinary prowess. Increased visibility means a greater opportunity for lucrative partnerships and advertising revenue.

  4. Culinary Cashflow: A food classifieds website isn't just about listings—it's about adding value and satisfying cravings. Premium memberships, highlighted listings, and specialized advertising packages become your secret ingredients for generating additional income. By offering businesses opportunities to stand out in the crowd, you'll create a tantalizing menu of options that tantalize their taste buds and boost your bottom line.

  5. A Recipe for Expansion: As your food classifieds website becomes a sensation, the appetite for growth and diversification will grow. You can expand into exciting realms like food events, culinary tourism, or even e-commerce integration, where foodies can satisfy their cravings with a simple click. By keeping your finger on the pulse of food trends and embracing innovative ideas, you'll whip up new revenue streams that will make your competitors green with envy.

Our team of culinary maestros is ready to join forces with you, turning your food classifieds vision into a mouthwatering reality. With our expertise in website development, design, and digital marketing, we'll create a virtual gastronomic paradise that entices users, delights businesses, and leaves a lasting impression on the food industry. So, grab your apron, summon your entrepreneurial spirit, and let's embark on a journey that will redefine how the world experiences, connects, and savors the flavors of life. Contact us today, and together, we'll concoct a food classifieds website that tantalizes taste buds, ignites passions, and fills your pockets with the sweetest rewards. Get ready to savor success like never before!

Where do I find the features?

Getting Started

We're excited that you're interested in our services. To ensure you have an unforgettable experience, we urge you to check out our demo links before making a decision. These links are your backstage pass to exploring our features and functionalities firsthand. While our feature list and project descriptions give an overview, we're always innovating, so some features may change.

By clicking the demo links, you'll experience the latest version of our services, test cutting-edge features, and see how we can meet your needs. It's like test-driving your dream car before purchase! This ensures you make an informed decision with confidence.

So, dive into the future of technology with us! We look forward to seeing you on the other side, armed with the knowledge for the right choice. Thank you for considering iTechScripts; we're thrilled to serve you!

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Demo Links

Once you try the demo we know you’ll love it. Please contact our support team for an enhanced, fully customized version, tailor-made to your requirements. Do you know how it works?



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Main Features

We are super excited to share the features included in the latest release. Once you try the demo we know you'll love it. There will be even more features available in the future.

Special Offers

  • White Label (No Back-link).
  • Latest Technology (PHP 7+, MySQLi).
  • Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  • Browser Independent (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Optimized Content (Twice Faster).
  • Fully Scalable (Up to Million Users).
  • Price Challenge (Lowest Price Guaranteed).
  • No Recurring Charges (One-time Purchase).
  • No Hidden Charges (Fully Transparent).
  • Free Software Update (36 Months).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration (USD75 USD175).
  • SEO Service (USD175/month USD245).
  • Content Writing Service (USD15/page USD25).
  • Social Media Management (USD150/month USD225).

Revenue Channels

  • Premier Membership Elegance: Elevate the dining experience with membership fees paid by premium members, ensuring an exclusive and privileged ambiance.
  • Advertising Brilliance: Harness the power of advertisement revenue to create a dynamic and lucrative income stream.
  • Google AdSense Showcase: Enhance the platform's appeal with captivating Google Ads in the footer, maximizing revenue potential.

Script features

  • Aesthetic Mobile Brilliance: Immerse users in an aesthetically pleasing experience with a trendy, mobile-responsive design that adapts seamlessly.
  • Interactive Ajax Magic: Craft a dynamic user interface with the wizardry of Ajax, ensuring fluid and engaging interactions.
  • Progressive Web App Readiness: Embrace the future with a design tailored for Progressive Web App (PWA), delivering app-like features and offline functionality.
  • Effortless Customization Elegance: Empower users with easy template customization, leveraging the robust MVC architecture and Codeigniter framework.
  • SEO Mastery for Visibility: Conquer the digital landscape with SEO-friendly URLs, optimizing the platform's visibility.
  • Analytics Insight Illumination: Illuminate the path to success with integrated Google Analytics code, providing profound insights into user behavior.
  • Multilingual Front-End Inclusivity: Break language barriers and foster inclusivity with a multilingual front-end, welcoming users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Global Transaction Brilliance: Seamlessly integrate PayPal for secure and efficient transactions across the globe.

Visitor Journey

  • Visual Delight on the Homepage: Captivate visitors with a visually appealing homepage slider featuring thumbnails, creating an immersive experience.
  • Versatility in Language and Currency: Empower visitors with the flexibility to switch between languages and currencies effortlessly.
  • Intuitive Search and Discover: Facilitate exploration with intuitive search options, allowing visitors to navigate seamlessly through keywords, cuisine, country, and city.
  • Restaurant Showcase Extravaganza: Spotlight restaurants with a curated list on the homepage, showcasing the latest items and the most viewed restaurants.
  • Interactive Services Unveiling: Unveil the essence of your "Website Services" section, providing clarity on the array of offerings.
  • Detailed Restaurant Odyssey: Enable visitors to embark on an in-depth exploration of restaurant details, including images, menu photos, contact details, and testimonials.
  • Visitor FAQs Solved: Anticipate and address visitor queries with a comprehensive FAQ section, fostering transparency and trust.

Empowering Restaurants

  • Seamless Onboarding Experience: Welcome restaurants with an easy and intuitive registration process, coupled with an Ajax-powered login experience.
  • Showcase Restaurant Brilliance: Provide restaurants with a platform to shine as they effortlessly add, manage, and enhance their profiles.
  • Craft Personal Narratives: Elevate the restaurant profile creation experience, allowing owners to weave their personal and culinary stories through descriptions, images, and special items.
  • Membership Dynamics: Enable restaurants to navigate membership nuances, from purchasing and upgrading to viewing comprehensive purchase histories.

Admin Mastery

  • Dashboard Brilliance: Greet administrators with an insightful dashboard, offering a comprehensive snapshot of platform dynamics.
  • Membership Magic: Empower admins with the ability to curate membership packages, fine-tuning pricing, durations, and posting limits to perfection.
  • Restaurant Symphony: Conduct the restaurant orchestra with the authority to suspend, approve, or delete restaurants, ensuring a harmonious dining marketplace.
  • Item Alchemy: Master the art of item oversight, deciding which culinary gems shine with approval, suspension, or detailed exploration.
  • Visual Galore: Create a visual spectacle on the homepage with the prowess to add or delete images in sliders, showcasing partner images that enhance the platform's culinary allure.
  • Testimonials Showcase: Highlight the diner love by managing client testimonials, curating a collection that adds credibility and authenticity.
  • Global Configuration: Shape the platform's culinary identity with administrative control over content, from the countries and cities represented to the intricacies of cuisines and categories.
  • Textual Symphony: Fine-tune the linguistic melody with control over FAQs, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and articulating the essence of "Our Culinary Services."
  • Branding Empowerment: Establish a strong culinary brand identity by setting the website name, title, email, address, phone, Meta details, and social media links.
  • Additional Customization Flourish: Infuse the platform with culinary personality by integrating Google AdSense and analytics codes, setting homepage headings, and refreshing the website logo for a contemporary culinary feel.

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